Friday, 30 June 2017

The final #blogjune, forever.

..and so this ends #blogjune for me. It's been 6 years, but the season has now passed.

This year, I didn't even "blog"june except the the first 2 posts, and now this final one. I did however write a haiku (no, no, not a poet, not even close) and doodle an accompanying doodle (no, no, not an artist, just a doodle - alright, a doodler). I managed this every day of June, and posted them to Instagram @stickstitchcut *almost* everyday - sometimes there was a bit of a next morning catchup for the posting.

So, to keep the set together with the previous years, here is my Blogjune 2017. I'm still working on #the100dayproject on Insta - 12 days to go on that one. I daresay I will come back again for that next year instead.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Since 2012 I have been joining in on the "into it"-librarian fun of #blogjune. I was pretty much *not* into the excitable librarian thing by that stage (after the acquisition of 2 editions of junior non-fiction), and was not long for that world ....but I couldn't resist joining in on the challenge anyway. I had to draw the line somewhere, however - I would not be contributing to the thoughtful professional discourse my "into it" colleagues were engaging in throughout June via their "into it" librarian blogs ....I would be posting daily, very shit, unclassy haikus. 

I kept coming back year after year with another volume of 17 syllable masterpieces until 2016 where I made the radical leap from shit haiku poet, to very dodgy doodle artist. 2016 was the year my #blogjune posts were posted to Instagram as well as 

This year, torn between choosing haikus or doodles ...I will attempt both. We'll see how that goes. 

#blogjune #doodlejune #lisadoodlesjune #haikujune

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Me and my boys (no one said it was a photograph!)

30 June
Well, that's it - 30 doodles over 30 days ...posted daily to Instagram, and every few days to here. I have really enjoyed the daily practice of getting something ready to post. It was only the last few days that my enthusiasm lagged and it felt like a chore.  30 days was a good number ...I don't know if my attention could be held for the #100dayproject other crafters/artists are attempting at the moment (although what a great tag to explore!!). It may be down to the terms of engagement you set for yourself. I think I'll set out again in July ...but with a different focus to #doodlejune. Maybe watercolouring stamped images, or digitising doodles and draw/digitise/colour on separate days even? We'll see. #doodgitiseJuly - how does that sound? I have about 24 hours to decide :-)

Edited to add:  Thought I'd note my favourites for the month.

I love how this view of our feet turned, as we sat on the lounge with feet up on the footstool. I don't know how it looks to the outside eye, but I recognise us here - The way Blake's little legs are stretched out to fit his feet on ...Andrew's floppy slippers ...Tom's feet are a bit pudgey compared to his real life sleek ones  - but all in all, I can see us :-)

The duck is another favourite. Whereas our legs were first done in pencil, and modified as necessary to get 'just so', the duck I doodled blind. He's not perfect, but he has charm. I also like how he was coloured. Quack quack.

Penultimate post for 2016

28 June
Well, this was a quickie. A party hat for Emma's birthday. The gals are coming over for lunch tomorrow (just one toddler between us, with the other kids all at school), so of course there was frantic "night before visitors" tidying up ...leaving just a little time to squeeze my doodle in for the day. This was also the day I forgot for the first time in 120 days to record my second of video for #1secondeveryday 11.30pm I remembered I needed to get it and thought that I'd get some footage of doing the doodle ....and then promptly forgot until the following morning at school banking. D'oh!

29 June
Another late night, exhausted, last minute doodle. I went through lots of scrap pieces (which I haven't really done so far for this challenge), and ended up just putting it all in words!  Fear not though, as I post this penultimate post on the morning of 30 June, I am happy to say the final #doodlejune for #blogjune is already underway ...hope to finish it off when I get back home this afternoon.   

Hurrah! 1 post to go!!

Monday, 27 June 2016

Dragonfly, sleeping

27 June
Dragonfly. I was freezing today doing this one ...too cold (lazy?) to move into the next room to fetch my glasses. As a result, I doodled on kinda cross eyed and out of focus for the most part. I'd better get my game face on now though - only 3 doodles left for #blogjune #doodlejune !

26 June
Back from a long weekend away tonight ...and this is all I had in me. Art anticipating life, but moments into the future. I'm sure the Zs are silent ...or at the very least, charming.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

#10 and Parliament House

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25 June
Well, London yesterday, so why not Canberra today? Especially since we are currently on a family trip to the ACT at the moment. From where our hotel was, to the sites we are visiting (twice each, over 3 days, to Questacon and the National Museum) ... we drove around State Circle, featuring Australia's Parliament House, many, many times.

24 June
On a day when #Brexit was all over our screens ... I noticed a lovely picture of the door at #10. The original photo also included a pussy cat sitting on the doorstep, but for my doodle I chose the cat and outer door to 'leave' the scene, with only the main door 'remain'. (get it, get it - 'remaaain' and 'leaaaave'.)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Craft cupboard, sun and peacock

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23 June
Nearing the end of the month, I thought I ought to get one of my favourites in - a peacock. I don't *think* I have ever drawn a full peacock before. I've done individual feathers, and earlier today I did a quick "slap down some paint" peacock at a painting class ...but I'm pretty sure this is my first doodled peacock. Hello there, Percy.

22 June
Oh dear. This was meant to be a sun, but I do fear it is more like an electified (yet happy) dandelion.

21 June
Today, I planned to clean up upstairs. As soon as this plan was made, I immediately started sorting out the boys' office/workroom/lab/sun room downstairs ....and even cleared out the craft cupboard, thereby granting full access to it by them. Bottom shelf is a store of recycling - tissue and cereal boxes, egg cartons etc, the 2nd bottom are "supplies" like paddle pop sticks, pipe cleaners, feathers, used wrapping paper. The middle shelf is coloured (and white) paper mainly, and the top 2 shelves  (although only 4 are shown in the doodle) are mummy zone only - paints/drawing equipment, and office supplies and craft kits on the top shelf. This school holidays I hope to get all of those craft kits (plaster kits and such) used up!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Grandma's umbrella song

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20 June
Grandma's umbrella song. I have previously blogged about a sweet vintage embroidery pattern and a photo with me, my umbrella and my Grandma,  however since that blog is now offline I thought I'd post an excerpt here. It covers perfectly my soft spot for umbrellas.

[originally posted 15 April 2013] soon as I saw the pattern it reminded me of my love of umbrellas as a little girl. My Grandma used to give me umbrellas. Well, in my memory she *always* gave me umbrellas. I'm not sure what the reality was, perhaps it was only one ...or maybe two? ...or maybe she gave me one, and I was expecting another when she came back next time? - I'll have to check with my parents, but she gave me at least one, as seen in this photo (from about 1977, I'd say).
I saw this picture again this past weekend during a visit to my parents' house and took a quick photo of it hanging in a collection on the wall. It's a little skewed due to the angle necessary to avoid the flash against the glass in the dark hallway. After seeing the photo again, I am now more motivated to get the embroidery done. I might do it on card stock for a scrapbook page.
What's that you say? Look at the little hippy chick? Well, what would you expect? My dad was the scoundrel new young teacher sent from inner city Sydney to his first teaching post in country New South Wales, wearing his green flares, purple paisley shirt, and wild long hair (not quite afro, but let's talk it up!). Dad grew up into a sensible librarian. And so did I. He escaped into retirement ...and well, I've escaped this year at least into long service leave. [update - and now forever too]
Now, back to the umbrellas ... the other strong memory I have is a song my Grandma taught and sang me, and I now sing with my two little boys just younger and just older as I was in the photo here. Although, I must say, I only know the first verse....
One rainy morning
A large umbrella crossed the street
Big, black and shiny
Covering someone tiny
And all that we could see were two small feet
In and out the traffic
Dodging here and there
That umbrella went with a Don't-Care air
I said in wonder
Who is that down under
Hugging that umbrella like a teddy bear
Horns started blaring
Everyone was staring
At that strange object in the street
Big black and shiny
Covering someone tiny
And all that we could see were two small feet
Then a young policeman
Called out from his beat
"That umbrella there has a boy down deep"
He swooped down under
Pulled out Billy Blunder
Just a tiny truant from his morning's sleep
Now Billy Blunder
Who was once down under
Recites by heart his safety code
"When you are out
In rain or hail or thunder
Hold up your umbrella when you cross the road!"

Sunday, 19 June 2016


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19 June 2016
Even with a falling off beak, I'm really happy with how this little quacker turned out. It was this first time in #doodlejune that I doodled without a model to copy from. I just decided to doodle a duck, had a few practice goes in my notebook, and then completed the card for 19/6/16. Hooray. And hooray for #weekendwatercolour too. Quack quack. "It was the ducks".

Not Jay, Nan's cat, and Parkrun

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16 June 2016
I saw a friend walking along the footpath this morning, with a great big smile across her dial as she was about to head off to a crafty weekend away. Hmph, no point in being jealous ... I decided to make today's doodle one of her. Well, ha - I tried to anyway. After nearly 30 attempts, and stalking her Facebook page for photos of her, I was still nowhere near close. This chick was my final attempt.

17 June 2016
After yesterday's unsatisfactory activity, I decided to go back to what I knew - the circle cat's my Nan taught me to draw when I was a little girl.  Miaow!

18 June 2016
Our family volunteered to be the tail runners at our local Parkrun this morning. It was a wet morning so we all donned wet weather gear and headed out to have some fun. These trees, bird and flag come from the Parkrun branding. I quite the style of trees.  Ooops - I used the wrong pen for this card so it ended up a bit "scratchy".

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


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14 June are the first 5 of 8 frames presented by [IG:] @oneartsymama  on [IG:] @bydawnnicole's  blog. I will enjoy playing with them. Doodling frames has been low pressure and very relaxing :-)

15 June are the final 3 of 8 frames presented by [IG:] @oneartsymama  on [IG:] @bydawnnicole's  blog. I can see myself using #1 (squigglies with dots), #3 (lines with e's) and #6 (spotty marquis) quite a bit.

Toothbrush, Parkrun, roundabout and rocket

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10 June
After taking the boys yesterday, I visited the dentist for a check up today. I didn't score a free toothbrush and toothpaste like they did, however I had to doodle my own.

11 June
Thomas and Andrew braved a chilly Saturday morning to do Parkrun ...while Blake and I stayed at home under the blankets. Thomas made a PB ...and is now at the stage where it's a case of Andrew needing to keep up with Thomas.

12 June
We finally made it to the Central Coast to celebrate me and Maddi's birthday (we're 60 all together!). This is the big roundabout heading down into Avoca Beach, from Kincumber, featuring a great bit palm tree. This is the view leaving Avoca - left to Kincumber, right to Terrigal.

13 June
While staying with my mum and dad, we watched Thunderpants again. Thomas drew the Thunderpants rocket this morning and here is my version of a rocket (more along the lines of a Wallace and Gromit style vessel). I copied Thomas colouring of the flames. He was impressed I blended the colours :-)   #weekendwatercolour

Friday, 10 June 2016

The buddies, glasses and flowers

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6 June
Albert, the blue elephant who holds the rank of "Senior Toy" amongst the boys' collection of buddies. He was given to Thomas by my Dad right after he was born. Thomas was born 7 weeks early, and was "normal" baby length, but very skinny. Held up, his long skinny legs looked like Albert from the Magic Pudding ...and this was where Thomas' buddy got his name :-)

7 June
Checked a few things off the list day today ...eye test, ordered new glasses, a cheeky lunch out, and a triangle haircut (hmmm - wonderful). These were the glasses I didn't get. They were very "Edna", but just a bit narrow for me head. I was very sad, especially considering they were on a good sale!

8 June
Today's doodle was some flowers, just for fun (and because the washing baskets I was attempting to doodle weren't conforming!).

9 June
Jimmy, one of Blake's main buddies. Jimmy joined Blake's team at Blake's first Christmas, when Jimmy was given to him by his Grandma.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Wet weekend

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4 June 2016
We were supposed to be travelling to the Central Coast this afternoon for a birthday dinner with my parents, and my niece's 18th birthday lunch tomorrow. However, today's planned were shelved with bad weather forecast meaning driving on the freeway would not be a good idea. Instead, we stayed in our pyjamas for most of the day. The boys read, wrote and made things. Andrew ironed his work shirts (he's in trouble!), and I entered all the school banking slips. Not a lot of anything, but a great lot of recharging our batteries. We went out to our local Turkish restaurant for dinner, and all up had a great day. Things are looking good for making a day trip tomorrow to celebrate with Maddi.

5 June 2016
Hmmm. After going to bed last night thinking we would be good for the trip today, after checking the reports this morning we have decided to cancel after all. So disappointing, but I look forward to sharing a champagne and guava juice with The Mooska next weekend. The birthday festival has officially been extended. Happy Birthday Maddi!! I'll say it again ....I can't believe you are now 18!!! #weekendwatercolour

Friday, 3 June 2016

Gold scissors and birthdays

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2 June 2016
Woohoo! I took the gamble and ordered from some off shore ebay seller, these beautiful gold handled, long blade scissors. They are non-brand and under $10 AUD/free post . Would they be blunt? Heavy? Crapola? To avoid brand name prices and international postage expenses I thought it was worth the risk. They arrived today, are *beautiful* and cut through paper/card like butter. I feel like one of the cool kids now - better launch a YouTube channel.

3 June 2016
My birthday! We didn't go to Vivid this year - we actually even ditched our restaurant plans at the last minute and dialled a pizza instead ...which also left me without a birthday cake for the first time ever!! A cup of icecream with a candle in it did the trick though. Today's doodle features my neighbour who was responsible for a delightful surprise lunch and pimping my tredly by wiring (well, wireless-ing it) it for sound. Woohoo!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Introducing #doodlejune

I started participating in #blogjune when my heart had already left libraries (even if I was still there in person for a while longer). Loving the idea of "a project" and being in on something I did decide to finally participate in it, but not with "serious" library posts ...just some fun, low quality haiku poems. Calling it poetry, really is going too far! But now, after 4 years the haiku have retired to make way for doodles - I will #doodlejune.

In the last few days, I have just been taking an online class at Big Picture Classes by Brandi Kincaid, Doodled - you can get a free 2 week trial here with access to lots of crafty classes. (I have started Doodled 2.0 too, which deals with digitising your doodles. Agggghhh! This almost brings the 'circle' back to libraries - this was an interest back when I was still in libraries ...we purchased Illustrator and all as I wanted to be able design "stuff" for posters/presentations etc. Now I'm finally getting the chance/new purpose to learn it. ANYWAY......)

I will post my doodles daily to Instagram ( and will post them here, umm, maybe daily. Maybe daily, maybe every few days. We'll see how things roll. It won't usually be too wordy. They won't be great doodles either - but I am looking forward to practicing.

1 June 2016
Since January 2015, on the 1st (ish) of the month, we have been taking a photo of the "sausage plants" in a waterway near our house. We had noticed what a change these plants go through over the year and thought this would be an interesting project for the boys. Although we haven't taken June's photo yet, and even though today brings the start of winter, my first #lisadoodlesjune doodle is a retrospective work of our subject, back in their summertime heyday in full "sausage" phase. I think in fact now, they are up to "drowned rabbit" phase.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The end [forever?]

June ends once again
And with it so does #blogjune

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Winter 2015

Snot count - minimal
Sneezes and sore throat - returned
Whinge fest - continues


Saturday, 27 June 2015

bloody netflix

Poor time investment
- I'm binging on GossipGirl.
What am I doing ?!?!(!)

Thursday, 25 June 2015

"Daily" deemed dumb, dearies

So, I have slacked off
and just less than a week left.
Nothing to say, folks!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


A beautiful day
Painted with Blake this morning
Tonight, some baking

[this was actually Tuesday's post, but I forgot to hit publish. Ooopsies!]

Saturday, 20 June 2015

The snip

Three handsome fellas
Off to the barber today.
Snip, whizzz, product  - duuuuuudes!

Friday, 19 June 2015

The trouble with a daily commitment

You can't cheat again!
Maybe don't bother posting?
Oh well, it's done now.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thursday 18th June

Oh, come on Rooster!
Just seventeen syllables
You can do it. Done.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Just wear a scarf

Today's conundrum
This button - a bit too low
The next is too high.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Cue the lights and music

That sweet, sweet moment
- a tight reverse park is nailed
Hope someone saw it!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

10 degrees warmer than last year

It's that time of year
An unexpected day trip.
Blackheath Park and lunch.

Friday, 12 June 2015


Scissors,  paper, glue
A little bit of stitching
...and voilĂ !  - a card.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cooking with Mr Wild Pear

What's on the menu?
Thursday is cooking class day -
No one goes hungry.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A night on the cold oval afterall...

Rainy morning - yeah!
U-oh - a dry afternoon.
D'oh!! Training's still on :-(

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


One hundred haikus
All in the name of #blogjune
Still not a poet.

...and today is post #101